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Payday loans

Information about how payday loans work in Alberta, including the annual Payday Lending Report and how to find out if a lender is licensed.

Payday lending: Consumer tip sheet

Describes what a payday loan is, to whom the Payday Loans Regulation applies, how to repay a payday loan, how to cancel a loan, the rules of conduct for payday lenders, cash cards and payday loans, and what to do if you cannot pay back a payday loan.

High-cost credit regulation

Standards for businesses that offer high-cost credit to protect consumers from unfair business practices.

High cost of credit: Consumer Protection Act fact sheet

This fact sheet explains high-cost credit, describes prohibited practices for licensed high-cost credit lenders, and outlines the rights of borrowers of high-cost credit.

Information on debt management

Alberta's Delegated Administrative Organization – Money Mentors, has a variety of information available on their website and on their resource page.

British Columbia

Payday loans

Information on payday loans from Consumer Protection BC.

Debt management and repayment

Consumer information to help you choose between various debt management and repayment options.


Payday Loans

This page provides information for consumers on Manitoba's payday loan legislation in the form of frequently asked questions.

Consumer Alerts and News Releases

The Consumer Protection Office periodically issues cautions and alerts to help consumers stay informed about important marketplace issues. These alerts include the latest developments on payday loan legislation in Manitoba.

High-Cost Credit Products

This page provides information for consumers about the legislation of Manitoba's high-cost credit products, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

Debt and your personal credit history

Information about how knowing your personal credit history can assist in better debt management.

Collection practices

Paying creditors on time is essential to a good debt repayment strategy. If payments lapse, you may find that your debts fall into the hands of a collection agency. Know your rights should a bill collector come knocking at your door.

New Brunswick

What is a Payday Loan?

If you are considering a payday loan, here are some things you should know.

Tools & Resources

Infographics and videos, including resources on the topic of payday lending and debt from the Financial and Consumer Services Commission.

Dealing with debt

Dealing with debt is an important matter. When borrowing money from a lender, you need to repay your debt as agreed in the terms of the agreement.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Payday Loan Business

What you need to know about payday lending if you are a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Northwest Territories

Consumer Affairs

Consumer Information Bulletin on Pay Day Loans, as well as contact information for the Consumer Affairs Office in the Northwest Territories.

Nova Scotia

Payday loans: your rights

Your rights in relation to getting and paying back a payday loan as set out in Nova Scotia's Consumer Protection Act and Payday Lenders Regulations.


Contact information for consumers

For information related to payday loans, contact the Department of Community and Government Services.


Payday loan: your rights

Rules that apply to payday lenders, how to find a licensed lender and how to file a complaint.

Prince Edward Island

Payday Loans - Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Information on payday loans, rules for lenders, and contact information.


Information on payday loans and high cost lending.

Commerçants qui concluent un contrat de crédit à coût élevé (French only)

Includes information on a consumer's rights when a payday lender does not fulfill its obligations.

Budget consulting services (French only)

Explore organizations that offer assistance with budgeting and debt management.

Debt settlement (French only)

Includes information on working with creditors to manage your debt and the regulations that guide these companies.


Payday Loan Borrowers

Consult the resources on this page for information on a number of important topics related to payday loans.


Contact information for consumers

For information related to payday loans, contact Consumer Protection.