Form 48—Report of Administrator on Consumer Proposal (br02182)

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Form 48

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(Section 66.14 of the Act)

(Title Form 1)

I, space to insert name of administrator of space to insert name of estate, administrator of the consumer proposal of space to insert name of debtor, a consumer debtor), hereby report to the official receiver as follows:

  1. That the consumer debtor made a consumer proposal on the Space to insert day of month day of Space to insert month Space to insert year.
  2. That I have investigated, or have had investigated, the consumer debtor's property and financial affairs so as to be able to assess with reasonable accuracy the consumer debtor's financial situation and the cause of the consumer debtor's insolvency.
  3. That attached to this report is the consumer debtor's Statement of Affairs and a list of the creditors whose claims exceed $250.
  4. That I am of the opinion that the cause or causes of the consumer debtor's insolvency are as follows:

(Set out fully the causes of the insolvency.)

  1. That I am also of the opinion, for the following reasons, that the consumer proposal is reasonable and fair to both the consumer debtor and the creditors, and that the consumer debtor will be able to perform it (or, as the case may be, will not be able to perform it):

(Set out your reasons.)

Dated at Space to insert city , this Space to insert day of month day of Space to insert month.

Space to insert signature of administrator
Administrator of
consumer proposal


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