Form 20—Certificate of Appointment of Trustee

For persons to which the 2009 amendments do not apply

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Form 20

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(Rule 85)

District of
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Court No.
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Estate No.
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In the Matter of the Bankruptcy of:

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Date of Initial Bankruptcy Event:
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Date and Time of Bankruptcy:
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Date of Trustee Appointment:
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Meeting of Creditors:
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Certificate of Appointment—Section 49, Rule 85

I, the undersigned, Official Receiver in and for this bankruptcy district, do hereby certify that:

  • the aforenamed debtor in respect of whom a notice of intention was filed under section 50.4 or a proposal filed under section 62, subsequently filed prior to court approval, an assignment under section 49 of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act;
  • the aforenamed trustee was duly appointed Trustee of the Estate of the Debtor.

The said trustee is required:

  • to provide to me, without delay, security in the aforementioned amount;
  • to send to all creditors, within five days after the date of the trustee's appointment, a notice of the bankruptcy; and
  • when applicable to call in the prescribed manner, a first meeting of creditors, to be held at the aforementioned time and place or at any other time and place that may be later requested by the Official Receiver.

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Official Receiver