Form 21—Assignment for the General Benefit of Creditors (Corporation or other Legal Entity)

For persons to which the 2009 amendments do not apply

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Form 21

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(Section 49 of the Act)

(Title Form 1)

This indenture made this Space to insert day of indenture day of Space to insert month and year


Space to insert name of debtor
(Insert the name of the debtor)
hereinafter called "the debtor"


Space to insert name of trustee
hereinafter called "the trustee."

Whereas the debtor is insolvent and desires to assign and to abandon all his or her property for distribution among his or her creditors, in pursuance of the Act,

This indenture witnesses that the debtor does hereby assign to the trustee, all the debtor's property for the uses, intents and purposes provided by the Act.

Signed at the Space to insert court of Space to insert city of court , in the Province of Space to insert province , in the presence of Space to insert name of person.

Space to insert signature of witness

Space to insert date

Space to insert signature of debtor
Debtor (or Legal Representative of the Debtor)


If the debtor is a corporation, a certified copy of the resolution of the board of directors shall be attached to this document.

If the debtor is deceased, attach a copy of the court order.

If a copy of this Form is sent electronically by means such as email, the name and contact information of the sender, prescribed in Form 1.1, must be added at the end of the document.