Specialized design services

The activity of specialized design services is defined as the design of all goods and services that compose the process through which a good or a service is created.

Why Invest in Design? Insights from Industry Leaders
This research illustrates the impact and benefits of investing in design by providing specific case study examples and testimony from industry leaders.

Statistics, analysis and industry profiles

  • Product design, research and development: a Canadian manufacturing perpective
    This report identifies best practices and trends, and provides insights into current and future industry needs.
  • State of design: The Canadian report
    Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada has partnered with the Design Exchange (DX) and the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) to produce Canada's first State of Design report. This unique analysis is intended to help Canadian PD&D executives as well as decision makers understand current market trends and recognize the advantages of investing in PD&D to improve business competitiveness.
  • Design for Environment: Innovating to Compete
    This report provides strategic information on using design for environment practices to help Canadian product design and development service providers and their supply chain partners introduce new and innovative product concepts, and compete both domestically and internationally.

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