Compliance Specification for Terminal Equipment, Terminal Systems, Network Protection Devices, Connection Arrangements and Hearing Aids Compatibility

Issue 9

October 2015 — Updated reference to Telecommunication Apparatus Register

Caution Notice

It should be noted that compliance with this specification may require the use of an invention covered by patent rights. This specification does not grant any rights, and it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that patent rights are not violated. Known patent holders have, however, filed statements of willingness to grant a licence under these rights, on reasonable and non-discriminatory terms, to applicants. No representation or warranty is made or implied by the Department that these are the only licences that may be required to avoid infringement in the use of this specification.

1. Scope

This Specification, which is divided into eight parts, sets forth the minimum technical requirements forthe registration of terminal equipment, terminal systems, network protection devices and associatedconnection arrangements. These technical requirements are intended to protect the public switchednetwork from harm. Conformance to these technical requirements will not assure compatibility withwireline carrier services.

Throughout this document, the words terminal equipment (TE) shall be read as "terminal equipment, terminal systems and network protection devices."

The document contains the following parts:

  • Part I specifies the requirements for analogue terminal equipment intended for connection to the public switched network (e.g. equipment connected to loop start lines, tie trunks, etc.)
  • Part II specifies the requirements for digital terminal equipment intended for connection to 1.544 Mbps (DS-1) digital facilities.
  • Part III specifies acceptable methods of connection for terminal equipment. Updated June 2013
  • Part IV is a glossary of terms used throughout the document.
  • Part V specifies the requirements for the magnetic output from handset telephones for the purpose of coupling with hearing aids. These technical requirements are intended to ensure compatibility between hearing aids and handsets, thus providing persons with hearing aids reasonable access to the telephone network.
  • Part VI specifies requirements for Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) terminal equipment.
  • Part VII specifies technical requirements for limited distance modem terminal equipment and digital subrate terminal equipment.
  • Part VIII specifies technical requirements for a range of Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL) terminal equipment.

2. Associated Requirements

The following documents specify the requirements that shall be met with regard to declaration of conformity, registration, and marking of terminal equipment covered in Parts I, II, V, VI, VII and VIII of this document.

The CS-03 will be reviewed from time to time on the basis of experience gained as new technologies emerge. Industry Canada encourages comments and suggestions that will enhance the effectiveness of the specification. These may be forwarded to:

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Issued under the authority
of the Minister of Industry

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Director General
Engineering, Planning and Standards Branch