Spectrum management and telecommunications

Spectrum management and telecommunications

Provides access to the radiofrequency spectrum by issuing authorities for its use, minimizing interference, securing Canada's access to it through international negotiations and by ensuring its safe and efficient use

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Licences and certificates

Obtain or renew a broadcast system certificate
Spectrum Management System
Obtain or renew a licence and pay related fees, and search the database for spectrum usage
Conditions of licence
View the conditions that apply to your spectrum, radio or satellite licence
Radio operator certificates
Obtain a call sign, update your certificate (professional or amateur), pay your invoice, or find study guides for the exam
Satellite services
Learn about satellite licensing
National Maritime Information Database
Obtain or search for a maritime mobile service identity or maritime identity (MMSI/MI)

Devices and equipment

Equipment certification
Learn the processes that apply to testing and certifying radio or terminal products for the Canadian market
Regulatory standards
Learn the rules and standards that apply to devices and equipment
Open technical consultations
Learn about and participate in current consultations on technical standards (e.g. RSS, SRSP, ICES, BETS) posted on the Radio Advisory Board of Canada website (link leads to an external site)
Mutual Recognition Agreements and Arrangements (MRAs)
Learn how to become a recognized lab for testing and/or certifying equipment for Canada and other countries with which we have a mutual agreement

Safety and compliance

Compliance and enforcement
Learn about penalties
Learn about interference
Radiofrequency energy and safety
Learn about RF and how Canada keeps you safe
Facts about towers
Learn about the rules on building towers and their safety
District offices
Contact your nearest office to report interference or an antenna siting

Spectrum allocation

Learn about current and past auctions as well as the auction process for spectrum licences
Canadian Table of Frequency Allocations
See how spectrum is assigned and used for radio services in Canada
Spectrum and the Indigenous Priority Window
Priority access to spectrum licences for Indigenous applicants
Learn about Canada's framework for spectrum auctions and resulting policies
Services and use
Learn about spectrum use by band and service, such as public safety or commercial mobile

Learn more

Committees and stakeholders
Learn about telecom committees and organizations, such as Emergency Telecommunications, the CNO-ITU and CSTAC
Key documents
Access the legislation that regulates spectrum and telecommunications as well as key documents, such as the Spectrum Outlook and the Spectrum Policy Framework for Canada

Communications research

Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC)
Learn about the CRC’s work on wireless telecommunications, focused on what is possible and what works
CRC videos
Watch the CRC’s videos to learn about spectrum, 5G and wireless technology


Competitive service areas

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Find the service areas used for all competitive licensing processes

Canadian table of frequency allocations chart
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See how spectrum is assigned and used for radio services in Canada

Radiofrequency Safety

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Find out about RF Safety in Canada