Publication date Title Type Subject Titre Classification Sujet
  • GL-02 — Guidelines for the Protection of the General Public in Compliance with Safety Code 6
    October 2005
    Replaced by CPC-2-0-20 — Radio Frequency (RF) Fields – Signs and Access Control
    March 2013
  • GL-05 — Interim Technical Guidelines for Remote Rural Broadband Systems Operating in the Band 512-698 MHz (TV channels 21 to 51)
    March 2007
    Rescinded (Refer to RSS-196 and SRSP-300.512)
    March 2010
  • GL-06 — Guidelines for Compliance with the Conditions of Licence Relating to Antenna Tower and Site Sharing and to Prohibit Exclusive Site Arrangements
    April 2009
    Rescinded March 2013
  • GL-07 — Interim Technical Guidelines for the Operation of the Broadband Radio Service (BRS) in the Band 2500-2690 MHz
    January 2010
    Rescinded July 2014