SAB-002-03 — Broadcasting and Public Safety Spectrum

Advisory Letters to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

  1. Public Notice CRTC 2000-127 — Call for Comments on a Licensing Framework for Low-power Community Television Undertakings in Urban Areas, and in Other Markets Not Covered by Existing Policy
    October 30, 2000
  2. Implementing Digital Television Broadcasting (DTV) Within the DTV Transition Allotment Plan
    July 10, 2002
  3. An Update of the Studies to Identify Spectrum for Public Safety in Television Channels 60–69
    March 10, 2003
  4. Industry Canada Advisory Letter — The Use of Unplanned Over-the-Air (OTA) Broadcasting Television Spectrum and the Manufacturing and Importation for the Sale of Digital Capable Television Receiving Apparatus
    September 26, 2006

Industry Canada's Consultation Documents and Gazette Notices

Gazette Notice No. DGTP-002-04 — Mobile Service Allocation Decision and Designation of Spectrum for Public Safety in the Frequency Band 746–806 MHz (SP-746 MHz)
October 2004

Gazette Notice No. DGTP-004-01 — Proposal to Introduce the Mobile Service on a Co-primary Basis with the Broadcasting Service in the Frequency Band 746–806 MHz
June 8, 2001

Comments Received on Gazette Notice No. DGTP-004-01

Consultant Reports

Executive Summary: The Effects of Narrowband and Wideband Public Safety Mobile Systems Operation (in television channels 63/68) on DTV and NTSC Broadcasting in Television Channels 60–69 (746 MHz–806 MHz)

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Bernard Caron
Communications Research Center
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Telephone: 613-998-2869
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Douglas Prendergast
Communications Research Center
3701 Carling Avenue
Box 11490, Station H
Ottawa, Ontario K2H 8S2
Telephone: 613-949-0129
Facsimile: 613-990-6488

Executive Summary: Interference Assessment and Development of Interference Protection Criteria to Protect Public Safety Operations and Enable Spectrum Sharing with NTSC and DTV Broadcasting in TV Channels 60–69 (746–806 MHz)

To obtain a copy of the complete study, please contact the following: 

Garry Rolston Associates Ltd.
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