Solving interference problems

Cutting Through… Series

There are many facets to the Department's mission "to facilitate the development and use of world-class communication infrastructure, technologies and services". One of these is the goal "to provide timely and equitable access to the radio-frequency spectrum by as many users and for as many uses as possible, with a minimum of interference". However, in spite of our best efforts, interference may occur.

While Industry Canada at one time conducted investigations to identify and locate sources of radio interference, we no longer provide this service. The changing climate in government has caused us to re-examine our role, and consequently, we no longer provide those services that are non-essential or simply, more appropriately delivered by the private sector. The indentification and location of interference is one of those services.

In the event that interference should occur, Industry Canada has produced the following multimedia document entitled Cutting through Radio Interference. We hope the examples of interference pictures and sounds will enable you to identify the sources and correct the problems yourself. If professional assistance is required, you should seek out the services of a qualified radio technician.

Cutting through Radio Interference …an interactive multimedia approach to solving household interference problems

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