Bill Kirkpatrick

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From: Bill Kirkpatrick
Sent: March 10, 2021 9:24 PM
To: copyrightconsultation / consultationdroitdauteur (PCH)
Subject: Add a registry for the last 20 years

The retroactive extension of copyright terms is theft from  the public  domain.  It steals from the Canadian people, since the works that will be retroactively extended were created with the old term length in mind, and we the Canadian people deserve to have them in the public domain after life + 50 as we originally agreed. To retroactively extend these terms is base fraud on the Canadian public.

But if you're going to cave to the Americans, the LEAST you can do is make the last 20 years dependent on registration. Why should the public have to undertake a "good faith effort" to ensure that works are not being commercially exploited? Just make anyone who wants the last 20 years register for it. This is a no-brainer. To do any less it to compound the crimes against the Canadian public that you are already undertaking with this unconscionable extension in the first place.

Bill Kirkpatrick Winnipeg, MB