Strategic Policy Sector (SPS)

The Strategic Policy Sector (SPS) provides policy leadership for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. The Sector works to achieve an integrated approach to policy formulation by developing and advising on policies aimed at the growth of economic prosperity in Canada. The Sector is engaged in research, analysis and advocacy, focusing primarily on policies related to:

  • marketplace frameworks;
  • knowledge and innovation; and
  • the business environment for wealth creation.

The Sector supports policy research and discussion; develops, advises and makes recommendations on domestic and international economic policy; coordinates briefings for Cabinet; and provides oversight on regional operations and consumer affairs.


The Sector's goal is to build Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada into a centre of excellence for micro-economic policy to effectively address the wide range of current and emerging business and market-related issues that have an impact on Canadians, both now and in the future.

SPS leads the Department in micro-economic policy by:

  • achieving excellence in applied micro-economic research and analysis;
  • providing policy advice based on a strong analytical foundation; and
  • engaging with think tanks, leaders and academics to bring new perspectives into policy discussions.

SPS manages integrated policy formulation and implementation by:

  • developing and planning the ministerial policy agenda and supporting its implementation;
  • providing leadership on the sustainable wealth creation agenda across government; and
  • identifying Canada's interests in international forums and supporting Canadian participation.

SPS achieves its mandate by:

SPS attracts and retains highly qualified employees by:

  • creating a workplace of choice based on excellence, respect, integrity, diversity and open communication;
  • maintaining a program of continuous learning and development; and
  • championing the use of both official languages in the workplace, while providing opportunities for all sector employees to improve their second language through training, mentoring, and events.

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