Micro-economic research

Micro-economics looks at how individual markets work, and at how individual producers and consumers make choices and what effects those choices have on the economy. Sound micro-economic research and strategic information is necessary to provide a foundation for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's policy development work. Much of this research is produced within the Strategic Policy Sector (SPS).

Recent micro-economic research performed within SPS focuses on productivity, the performance of firms and the determinants of business innovation. Areas of particular interest include research on how:

  • market factors affect investment and firms' performance. Market factors include such things as market size, industry organization and ownership structure, competitive pressure and firm rivalry dynamics, market regulation, business taxation and subsidies, access to capital and property right protection.
  • firm-specific factors influence innovation and productivity within firms. This research looks at issues such as firm size and scale of operation, managerial skills and management practices, business strategies and decision making.

SPS also organizes conferences, workshops and speakers series, and ensures that the results of its research are available to policy developers, other researchers and Canadian citizens. The following links provide access to some of the research produced or sponsored by SPS.

  • The Working Paper Series is a means of diffusing findings from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada research projects for discussion and comment.
  • The Archived Papers (1994-2004) section collects working papers, occasional papers and discussion papers from earlier years.

The Economic Research and Policy Analysis Branch is responsible for coordinating economic research within Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and related outreach activities.

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