Economic Research and Policy Analysis Branch

The Economic Research and Policy Analysis Branch (ERPA) conducts economic research and policy analysis in areas under the purview of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, in support of the policy development process. Working within and outside the department, ERPA develops and maintains a core capacity in microeconomic expertise to surface key issues and developments in the evolution of the Canadian economy and anchor policy development on evidenced-based research and sound economic principles. This research focus includes short and medium term research in the areas of productivity, competitiveness, market structure, framework policies, business innovation, business investment, and sectoral trends and issues.

ERPA also contributes to the medium term planning process of the Department, provides support for department-wide research and coordination, and serves as Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's point of contact with Statistics Canada.

To help foster an evidence-based dialogue on policy issues of the Canadian economy, ERPA acts as a channel of liaison between Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and the external research community, through networking, research exchange, joint research collaborations and other activities. ERPA also organizes conferences, workshops and seminars throughout the year.

The Director General of ERPA is also the Chief Economist of the Department. ERPA has a dedicated staff of professional researchers, most of whom have masters or doctoral degrees in economics.

Our key priorities

  • Provide economic advice including analytical support, and economic analysis and briefings, in response to the needs of other sectors and to senior management.
  • Conduct policy research in the medium-term on issues such as productivity, business innovation, business investment, market frameworks, and competitiveness.
  • Maintain a dialogue with the external policy research community, e.g. through joint research projects and collaborations.