Brian Hubner

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From: Brian Hubner
Sent: March 11, 2021 10:23 AM
To: copyrightconsultation / consultationdroitdauteur (PCH)
Subject: Copyright issues

Hi Sir of Ma'am:

I will briefly give you my position on copyright issues as they impact our archives:

  1. We have many issues related to clearing copyright for fonds. Even if you secure copyright for the donor you could still have hundreds or thousands of copyrights in the collection you don't have any permission for.
  2. Orphan issues and frequently come up in the our Archives and it is difficult or impossible to track down copyright holders in these situations
  3. The impact of adding 20 years of copyright protect to works would only make everything so much harder for archives to make material available to their uses and not really help their donors as most people donate when they believe that the archives can benefit them in say a monetary sense anymore

For archives to extend this would mean just more trouble and less access, Brian