Bronwyn Smyth

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From: Bronwyn Smyth
Sent: March 5, 2021 7:18 PM
To: copyrightconsultation / consultationdroitdauteur (PCH)
Subject: Consultation on Canadian Copyright Act

First, I would like to express my concern over the very short and ill-publicized consultation period on the extended general term of copyright protection, particularly in the midst of a pandemic on a matter that will have a long lasting impact on Canadians and Canadian culture.

Second, I would like to express my concern over the implications that the proposed copyright extension will have. The general extension of 20 years will benefit very few people or institutions, and will cause a lot of harm in terms of accessibility of material, and the creative potential and output of authors, artists, educators, and historians. It will mean placing decades of cultural heritage off limits to users.

I would urge the Government to think hard about the proposed changes to the Copyright Act. Before any decisions are made, the Government needs to ensure ample consultation from a wide range of users and creators.

Bronwyn Smyth