Harrison Gross

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From: Harrison Gross
Sent: February 12, 2021 10:04 AM
To: copyrightconsultation / consultationdroitdauteur (PCH)
Subject: Make sure registration is required for the extra 20 years!


As a concerned citizen, who believes that death plus 50 years is already an absurd amount of time allowed for monetization that doesn't actually encourage the ability to remix and incorporate old works, and only serves to enrich rent-seeking behaviour, I am firmly in favour of an extra 20 years requiring registration, as if the business is going to rent-seek we should be able to see which estates and businesses are doing it.

Arthur Conan Doyle isn't gaining anything from Sherlock Holmes at this point: He's dead! Why should some random heirs and rent-seekers gain essentially passive income from his works? Why shouldn't we be allowed to use Sherlock Holmes at this point? This entire schema for copyright is a farce. Disney and the entertainment lobby have removed your ability to think for yourselves.

Furthermore, term extensions do not encourage creative production of the individual, but instead of large corporations, to avoid the problems of creations of a single individual having a life length.

The enforcement of these absurdly long copyright periods stifles creativity and the notion of the common good, and this being rammed down our throats by the US needs to be avoided.

Thank you, Harrison Gross Kitchener