Help: Submit additional exam scores
(Request by examiner)

This service is available only for accredited examiners and is used to submit additional exam scores for an existing amateur. If the amateur has not been previously certified please use the page New amateur application (Exam score submission by examiner) to initiate an application for a new certification.

Step 1

You must provide your examiner accreditation number, amateur number, as well as your date of birth. This is to ensure that you are the holder of a valid amateur certification and that you are an accredited examiner. Your examiner number can be found on your letter of accreditation and your amateur number can be found on your certificate.

In addition, you must provide the amateur's certificate number.

Step 2

Review your contact information as well as the amateur's contact information. You may update your contact information using Submit a change of address and/or contact information for examiners.

Enter the Exam date as well as the new exam scores. Provide only the scores for exams where a passing grade was achieved. Error messages will be listed at the top of the page if any of the information is invalid.

Step 3

A confirmation page is displayed including a confirmation number which you can print and keep for your records. Use this confirmation number to refer to this request in case you need assistance.

The amateur's qualifications will be updated according to the exam scores provided.

Service: Submit additional exam scores (Request by examiner) (Requires login)