Transfer ownership

Find out how to transfer ownership of your copyright.



An assignment is the transfer of some or all of your rights to another party. An assignment can last for the entire term of the copyright or for part of it.


A licence gives another party permission to use your work under certain conditions, but you keep ownership and maintain your rights.

Other documents

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) will also record other documents that relate to a copyright such as a change of name (if your company name changes) or a security agreement.

Before you file

It is a good idea to become familiar with the Guide to Copyright before you file an assignment, licence or other document. 

How to file your request

You can register an assignment, licence or other document in several ways:

  • Online—Complete the grant of interest form (a secure document) and attach the agreement between parties along with a cover letter. We will send you a certificate of registration. You must create an account with ISED and log in to get this form. You will also need to pay the proper fee.
  • By fax or mail—Send a copy of the original agreement between parties along with a cover letter and the proper fees to CIPO. We will keep a record of the documentation and return the originals, if applicable, with a certificate of registration.

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Get the form

Updates to the grant of interest application form

CIPO is introducing an updated look and feel to the copyright grant of interest application form.

On , the form has been updated so it can comply with the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat's Standard on Web Accessibility.

Please direct any questions or comments you may have regarding the changes to the grant of interest application form to the CIPO Client Service Centre.

Access the secure grant of interest application form.