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If you're producing distinctive-looking new products, you'll want to learn about industrial designs and find out about registering your designs.

When to file

If your design has never been published, there is no time limit for filing an application. If your design has been published, you must file within 12 months of publication or you will lose your exclusive rights to the design.

Fees apply in the following situations:

  • For an application to register an industrial design: item 1(a) of the fees page
  • For each page of drawings more than 10 pages: item 1(b) of the fees page
  • For maintenance of a registration of a design: item 2 of the fees page
  • For a request for a faster examination of an application to register a design: item 10 of the fees page

After you apply – Filing an amended application

You may respond to office actions or file amendments to your application electronically.

This online service enables you to

  • Amend an existing application
  • Reinstate an application
  • Withdraw or amend priority claim information
  • Pay your fees

How to pay your fees

You may pay using a credit card or by deposit account.

System and browser requirements

Please review our system and browser requirements to make sure you have the correct versions to be able to use our online filing services.

My Canada Business Account registration

You need a My Canada Business Account to log in to our online services.

Don't have an account? Visit the login page and follow the steps to create an account.

Period of inactivity

For security reasons, you will be automatically logged out of the system after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Notice for current deposit account holders

To link your deposit account to your CIPO username, you must email our Incoming Correspondence Unit. Your request must include your name and/or firm's name, CIPO deposit account number and CIPO username.


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