Trademark practice notices

The following practice notices are intended to provide guidance on the Canadian Intellectual Property Office practice and interpretation of the Trademarks Act and the Trademarks Regulations. In the event of any inconsistency between a notice and the applicable legislation, the legislation must be followed. The provisions of a practice notice are general guidelines only, are not binding in any particular case and are subject to change.


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Date Notice
2022-12-19 Certification of an Application for International Registration
2022-12-08 Appeals of the Registrar's Decisions: Service and Filing of Court Documents, Stays and Judgments
2022-12-19 Exclusionary wording in statements of goods or services
2021-05-03 Requests for expedited examination
2021-05-03 Measures to improve timeliness in examination
2021-04-01 Remission of a portion of a fee in accordance with section 7 of the Service Fees Act
2020-12-14 Requests for expedited examination in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic
2020-10-28 Extensions of time in Examination and to respond to a section 44.1 notice
2019-01-02 Name or Surname — Paragraph 12(1)(a) of the Trademarks Act
2019-06-17 Amendments to trademarks applications requested prior to examination
2019-06-17 Correspondence Procedures
2019-06-17 Electronic register and documents
2009-04-20 Fee Payment: General Authorization to Charge a Deficiency
2009-04-20 Fee Payment Practice of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office
2020-10-28 Licence agreements
2020-10-28 No time limit to respond to correspondence from the Trademarks Office with respect to transfers
2020-10-28 Official Marks pursuant Sub-paragraph 9(1)(n)(iii)
2001-09-24 Official Notice : Payment of Fees
2019-06-17 Priority Claims
2020-10-28 Renewals
2020-10-28 Security Agreements
2020-10-28 Transfers and/or Change of Name
2019-06-17 Standard character trademarks
2020-10-28 Extensions of time on force majeure
2019-06-17 Non-traditional Trademarks
2020-10-28 Divisional applications and the merger of registrations
2019-06-17 Identifying an application
2020-10-28 Fee waivers and refunds
2019-06-17 Withdrawal of advertisement of a trademark application
2020-10-28 Correcting obvious errors on a registration
2019-06-17 Describing colour
2020-10-28 "Notification of third party rights"
2019-06-17 Form of evidence in examination
2019-06-17 Removal of bases of registration
2020-10-28 Application fees
2019-06-17 Temporary appointment of agent or associate agent for one communication

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