Acceptable Knowledge Database, Other Supplementary Procedures and Notices

This page contains a list of RF exposure related knowledge database, other supplementary procedures and notices accepted by ISED.

For EMC-related documents, see Normative Test Standards and Acceptable Alternate Procedures.

Innovation Science and Economic Development (ISED) Procedures:

Normative References

RSS-102 : Radio Frequency (RF) Exposure Compliance of Radiocommunication Apparatus (All Frequency Bands)

The following documents shall be consulted for the application of RSS-102. The most recent versions of these publications shall be considered unless an edition is specified.


In addition, the documents that are listed below shall be consulted, as applicable and available, in conjunction and in compliance with RSS-102.


RSS-102.IPD.MEAS : Measurement Procedure for Assessing Incident Power Density (IPD) Compliance in Accordance with RSS-102


RSS-102.IPD.SIM : Simulation Procedure for Assessing Incident Power Density (IPD) Compliance in Accordance with RSS-102


RSS-102.NS.SIM : Simulation Procedure for Assessing Nerve Stimulation (NS) Compliance in Accordance with RSS-102 


RSS-102.SAR.MEAS : Measurement Procedure for Assessing Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Compliance in Accordance with RSS-102


Innovation Science and Economic Development (ISED) Notices:

  • Notice 2016-DRS001: Updated July 2020Applicability of Latest FCC RF Exposure KDB Procedures and Other Procedures

List of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) KDB procedures for SAR measurement accepted by Innovation Science and Economic Development (ISED)

  1. KDB 648474 D03: Wireless chargers battery cover v 01 r 04
  2. KDB 648474 D04: Handset SAR v 01 r 03
    (see Notice 2016-DRS001 for exemptions)
  3. KDB 941225 D01: SAR test for 3G Devices v 03 r 01
  4. KDB 941225 D05: SAR for LTE Devices v 02 r 05
  5. KDB 941225 D06: Hot spot SAR v 02 r 01
  6. KDB 941225 D07: UMPC mini tablet v 01 r 02
  7. KDB 248227 D01: 802.11 Wi-Fi SAR v 02 r 02
  8. KDB 615223 D01: 802.16e/ WiMAX SAR measurement guidance v 01 r 01
  9. KDB 616217 D04: SAR for laptops and tablets v 01 r 02
  10. KDB 447498 D01: General RF exposure guidance v 06 (see Notice 2016-DRS001 for exemptions)
  11. KDB 447498 D02: SAR procedure for USB dongle transmitter v 02 r 01
  12. KDB 643646 D01: SAR test for PTT Radios v 01 r 03

These procedures can be found at the following website:

To request a PDF copy of these accepted KDB procedures, please email: