Certification and Engineering Bureau

The Certification and Engineering Bureau (CEB) is responsible for activities related to radio/terminal equipment testing and certification/registration of equipment for Canada.

The Directorate of Regulatory Standards (DRS) is responsible for the creation and maintenance of radio equipment standards.

Equipment Approval

Wireless Certification
Information related to the certification of wireless equipment.
Terminal Registration
Information related to the registration of terminal equipment.
Radiofrequency Energy and Safety
What you need to know about radiofrequency energy and safety.
Conformity Assessment Bodies
List of accredited Certification bodies, Wireless/Terminal testing laboratories and Canadian testing laboratories.
Spectrum Management System
The Spectrum Management System (SMS) is a service provided by ISED Canada to facilitate the certification of radio equipment and the registration of terminal equipment in Canada.

Regulatory Standards

List of standards that equipment are required to be tested against.
List of procedures for equipment certification and registration.
General Notices
General notices released by ISED
Compliance Information
Canadian consumers should verify that equipment meet ISED Canada's technical regulations, prior to making any purchases.
Knowledge Centre
Information related to equipment standards, and Common Q&As

Market Surveillance

Equipment Market Surveillance
ISED Canada Certification and Engineering Bureau performs regular audits or market surveillance of wireless and wireline equipment offered for sale to verify that the equipment complies with ISED's technical standards and that it is properly certified and/or registered.
Non-Compliance Report Form
If you wish to report any compliance issues, please complete a Non-Compliance Report form. Once you have reported a non-compliance case, you will receive an acknowledgement by email. ISED will conduct a study and may contact you for more information.

Agreements and Forms

Mutual Recognition Agreement/Arrangement
ISED Canada is signatory of Mutual Recognition Agreements/Arrangements (MRA) in telecommunications equipment with Korea, the European Community, the Asia–Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Switzerland and the Inter–American Commission of Telecommunications (CITEL) member states, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.
Standard Change Request Form
This form will ensure proper tracking and understanding of the issues requiring a change to our standards or procedures such as to request access to new bands, to further harmonization with the US or international standards or simply to propose changes to clarify requirements.
General Inquiries Form
This form will ensure proper tracking of any questions related to equipment conformity related standards or procedures such as our Radio Standards Specifications, Compliance specifications or conformity assessment procedures.