General notices

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General Notices
Notice Description Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
Notice 2023-DRS0004 Publication of GL-08, Issue 3 2023-02-24
Notice 2023-DRS0003 Guidance on Application-specific phantoms 2023-02-14
Notice 2023-DRS0002 Remote Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) Policy 2023-02-01
Notice 2023-DRS0001 Publication of RSS-132, Issue 4 2023-01-31
Notice 2022-DRS0015 Publication of RSS-248, Issue 2, DBS-06, Issue 1 and CPC-4-1-02, Issue 1 2022-12-20
Notice 2022-DRS0014 Publication of RSS-131, Issue 4 2022-12-16
Notice 2022-DRS0013 Publication of RSS-139, Issue 4 (amendment) 2022-11-14
Notice 2022-DRS0012 Publication of ICES-004, Issue 5 2022-10-28
Notice 2022-DRS0011 Publication of SPR-002, Issue 2 2022-10-04
Notice 2022-DRS0010 Publication of RSS-170, Issue 4 2022-09-29
Notice 2022-DRS0009 Publication of RSS-139, Issue 4 2022-09-29
Notice 2022-DRS0008 Publication of RSS-236, Issue 2 2022-09-21
Notice 2022-CEB0001 Guidance on Radio Standards Specification RSS-195 — Wireless Communication Service (WCS) Equipment Operating in the Bands 2305-2320 MHz and 2345-2360 MHz, Issue 2 2022-09-09
Notice 2022-DRS0007 New Radio Scope Exclusively for RSS-HAC (Hearing Aid Compatibilty and Volume Control) 2022-06-22
Notice 2022-DRS0006 Publication of SPR-APD, (Issue 1) 2022-06-03
Notice 2022-DRS0005 Publication of RSS-287, (Issue 2), amendment 2 2022-05-27
Notice 2022-DRS0004 Publication of RSS-HAC, Issue 2 2022-04-01
Notice 2022-DRS0003 Publication of RSS-119, Issue 12 2022-04-01
Notice 2022-DRS0002 Clarification on the recognition of the computational category associated with the RSS-102 scope for testing laboratories 2022-03-15
Notice 2022-DRS0001 Publication of CS-03 Part VIII (Issue 9) amendment 6 2022-02-03
Notice 2021-DRS0012 RSS-248 - Guidance on channel bandwidth measurement for unwanted emission limits 2021-12-10
Notice 2021-DRS0011 Publication of RSS-248 (Issue 1) 2021-11-19
Notice 2021-DRS0010 Publication of REC-LAB (Issue 7), REC-CB (Issue 1) and DES-LAB (Issue 8) 2021-10-21
Notice 2021-DRS0009 Publication of RSS-222 (Issue 3) and DBS-01 (Issue 3) 2021-10-04
Notice 2021-DRS0008 Approval of White Space Database (WSDB) Administrator 2021-08-25
Notice 2021-DRS0007 Publication of DC-01 (Issue 7) and CS-03 Part V (Issue 9) amendment 3 2021-08-12
Notice 2021-DRS0006 Publication of SPR-004 (Issue 1) 2021-06-18
Notice 2021-DRS0005 Consultation closed July 14, 2021Introduction of an interim exemption limit for routine localized power density evaluations of transmitters operating in the 6 – 30 GHz frequency range 2021-07-20
Notice 2021-DRS0004 Publication of RSS-182 (Issue 6) and RSS-117 (Issue 3) amendment 1 and RSS-287 (Issue 2) amendment 1 2021-06-04
Notice 2021-CEB0001 Guidance on Radio Standards Specifications RSS-247 2021-04-19
Notice 2021-DRS0003 Approval of White Space Database (WSDB) Administrator 2021-02-05
Notice 2021-DRS0002 Publication of RSP-102 (Issue 1) and amendments to RSS-GEN (Issue 5) amd. 2 and ICES-GEN (Issue 1) amd. 1 2021-02-11
Notice 2021-DRS0001 Publication of RSS-102 (Issue 5) amendment 1 2021-02-02
Notice 2020-DRS0023 Guidance on magnetic field strength radiated emission measurements (9 kHz – 30 MHz) 2020-12-18
Notice 2020-DRS0022 Updated October 21, 2021 Guidance for SAR data re-use on depopulated variants from a reference model 2021-10-21
Notice 2020-DRS0021 Publication of RSS-170 (Issue 3) amendment 1 2020-11-05
Notice 2020-DRS0020 Updated April 20, 2021 Applicability of IEC/IEEE 62209-1528 and IEC 62209-3 Standard 2021-04-20
Notice 2020-DRS0019 Rescinded Feb 2023Guidance for RF Exposure Assessments of Portable Devices with Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Capabilities 2020-10-19
Notice 2020-DRS0018 Publication of ICES-003 (Issue 7) 2020-10-15
Notice 2020-DRS0017 Clarification on requirements set forth in some Federal Communications Commission (FCC) KDB procedures 2020-09-18
Notice 2020-DRS0016 Publication of Wireless Power Transfer Devices, RSS-216 (Issue 2) amendment 1 2020-09-15
Notice 2020-DRS0015 Publication of ICES-002 (Issue 7) 2020-09-15
Notice 2020-DRS0014 Updated January 4, 2022Alternate measurement procedure to demonstrate compliance with the Total Radiated Power (TRP) limits 2022-01-04
Notice 2020-DRS0013 Publication of ICES-001 (Issue 5) 2020-07-23
Notice 2020-DRS0012 Clarification on requirements set forth in issue 1 of SPR-002 2020-07-20
Notice 2020-DRS0011 Publication of RSS-125 (Issue 3) 2020-06-18
Notice 2020-DRS0010 Transition Period of ISO/IEC 17025 Extended 2020-06-17
Notice 2020-DRS0009 Publication of RSS-192 (Issue 4) 2020-05-15
Notice 2020-DRS0008 Rescinded Jun 2022Updated January 28, 2021 RSS-HAC (Issue 1) Certification Body's Scope Further Extension 2021-01-28
Notice 2020-DRS0007 Updated July 20, 2021 Time-Averaged Specific Absorption Rate (TAS) Algorithm 2021-07-20
Notice 2020-DRS0006 Publication of RSS-222 (Issue 2) and DBS-01 (Issue 2) 2020-01-24
Notice 2020-DRS0005 Publication of RSS-191 (Issue 3) 2020-01-23
Notice 2020-DRS0004 Rescinded June 2022RSS-HAC (Issue 1) Certification Body's Scope Extension 2020-01-10
Notice 2020-DRS0003 Publication of RSS-310 (Issue 5) 2020-01-09
Notice 2020-DRS0002 Publication of RSS-210 (Issue 10) 2020-01-09
Notice 2020-DRS0001 Applicability of IEC 62209-3 Standard 2020-01-08
Notice 2014-DRS1003 Updated Jan 29, 2020 Electronic labelling 2020-01-29