Notice 2020 - DRS0017

September 18, 2020

Clarification on requirements set forth in some Federal Communications Commission (FCC) KDB procedures

As an interim measure, when measurement procedures have not been defined by Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), or are not yet covered in international standards referenced by ISED, the Department may accept alternate procedures such as specific FCC knowledge database (KDB) procedures.

Lists of currently accepted FCC KDB procedures are available at:

In some of these procedures, there are provisions requiring an official FCC KDB inquiry be submitted to the FCC to determine if a particular test method or procedure is acceptable to that regulator.

This notice clarifies that a separate inquiry is required for ISED, preferably submitted at the same time as the FCC inquiry, to determine whether a particular test method or procedure is acceptable for ISED. These inquiries can be submitted using the General Inquiry form.

Under Directorate of Regulatory Standards, select (KDB) FCC KDB procedures accepted by ISED.

Note that the inquiry submitted to the FCC may be attached and submitted to ISED for reference.