Notice 2020-DRS0007

April 22, 2020

Updated July 20, 2021 General revision and further clarifications in the context of Supplementary Procedures (SPR)-004

Certification Requirements for Products Employing Time-Averaged Specific Absorption Rate (TAS) Algorithm

Products employing time averaging technology used for dynamic management of power levels to control Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) over a specific time period, such as those shown in ISED's list of approved TAS algorithms require assessment against SPR-004 entitled Time-Averaged Specific Absorption Rate (TAS) Assessment Procedures for Wireless Devices Operating in the 4 MHz to 6 GHz Frequency Band.

A. Consultation with ISED prior to seeking equipment certification for certain equipment utilizing TAS algorithms



When there are no standardized test procedures explicitly defined for new and emerging technologies, ISED shall be consulted to determine the required test methodologies for demonstrating compliance with applicable requirements (e.g. RF exposure limits).

For instance, modules or final products using a TAS algorithm shown in ISED's list of approved TAS algorithms for which detailed procedures are not available in SPR-004, including but not limited to WLAN TAS products shall continue to be approved on a case by case basis by ISED. The TAS approval package shall be sent to ISED at least 10 business days period to the desired certification date.



Following a successful review of the TAS approval package, ISED will provide an approval letter to the applicant. The applicant shall provide the approval letter to the Certification Body (CB) for the purpose of certification. The CB shall include the approval letter as part of the technical brief submitted to ISED for the product to be listed on the REL.

B. Approval of time-averaged specific absorption rate (TAS) algorithms



All new TAS algorithms require approval prior to being added to ISED's list of approved TAS algorithms. ISED approval will be granted following a satisfactory review of the algorithm documentation, and, when deemed necessary, via a physical evaluation.



When submitting an inquiry to ISED, the following information is required:

  • a. A detailed operational description of the TAS algorithm including any limitations or restrictions on its use (i.e. the TAS algorithm may be limited to use within tablets or laptops and not intended for use in smartphones or small form factor devices such as smart watches etc.).
    b. Integration manual which includes a list of all parameters that are configurable for host integration.
    c. Validation criteria considerations and validation results on a representative host including detail descriptions of the procedures and test setup used for validation.


  • ISED may, at its discretion, request for additional information for approval of a TAS algorithm.
  • The validation criteria shall follow the requirements set forth in SPR-004. For implementations falling outside the scope of SPR-004, additional validation criteria must be considered to ensure that the implementation can conservatively assess the source-based time-average power over any 6-minute reference period.


TAS algorithm approval packages shall be submitted to ISED via the following email address: It is recommended to add “TAS approval package” in the subject line of the email.


TAS algorithm approval is a lengthy process which takes several weeks and in some cases months, especially, when a physical evaluation is warranted. Applicants and other responsible parties (e.g. manufacturers, product integrators, recognized test laboratories/certification bodies) should contact ISED as early as possible.

Upon approval and being listed on ISED's website, final products or modules employing this algorithm may undergo the TAS validation procedures in SPR-004 and other certification requirements.


If you have any questions or require additional guidance, please contact ISED via the following web page: General Inquiry form.