Notice 2021-DRS0012

December 20th, 2021

RSS-248 - Guidance on channel bandwidth measurement for unwanted emission limits

This notice provides a clarification on acceptable measurement methods for determining in-band unwanted emissions.

1.     Background

License-exempt RLAN devices operating indoors in the 6 GHz band must be certified using the requirements of RSS-248. This notice provides guidance on the channel bandwidth measurement in terms of the certification requirements for the unwanted emission limits.

2.      Alternate measurement method

For in-band unwanted emissions measurement, RLAN devices shall comply to measurement requirements under section 4.7.1. For purposes of this section, the channel bandwidth shall be identical to the occupied bandwidth. As an alternative measurement method, ISED will also accept 26 dB emission bandwidth as defined in the accepted Knowledge Database (KDB) 789033 D02 General U-NII Test Procedures New Rules v02r01.

3.     Contact details

If you have any questions or require additional guidance, please contact ISED via the following web page: General Inquiry form.