Equipment market surveillance

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's (ISED) Certification and Engineering Bureau performs regular audits or market surveillance of wireless and wireline equipment offered for sale to verify that the equipment complies with ISED's technical standards and that it is properly certified and/or registered. Why does ISED perform market surveillance?

  • To promote a fair and equitable marketplace for wireless and wireline product manufacturers/suppliers
  • To prevent possible harm due to equipment that is non-compliant with ISED's standards regarding radio-frequency electromagnetic field
  • Prevent radio frequency interference or harm to the telephone network or its users

Under ISED's market surveillance program, equipment is selected using a risk based approach and tested at the Certification and Engineering Bureau's facilities to ensure compliance with ISED's wireless and wireline equipment standards.

Manufacturers, importers, distributors and vendors must ensure that all wireless (radiocommunication devices) and wireline (telecommunication apparatus) equipment imported into Canada or deployed in the Canadian marketplace, or both, complies at all times with ISED's requirements. Certified radiocommunication devices are listed in the Radio Equipment List (REL) and registered telecommunication apparatus are in the Terminal Apparatus Register (TAR).

Individuals and businesses are encouraged to report any form of non-compliance found on the Canadian market, whether it is a non-certified wireless product, a non-registered wireline product or a product which does not comply with ISED's applicable technical standards.

If you wish to report any compliance issues, please complete a Non-Compliance Report form. Once you have reported a non-compliance case, you will receive an acknowledgement by email. ISED will conduct a review and may contact you for more information.