Terminal Registration

Terminal Equipment is required to be certified to meet minimum technical requirements in accordance with the provisions of the CRTC decisions, departmental standards and to full fill the policy objectives of the Telecommunications Act. Compliance with minimum technical requirement also prevents harm to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and is essential to allow competitively supplied terminal equipment to be connected to the PSTN .
See Terminal Attachment Program Advisory Committee (TAPAC)

Equipment Registration
List of common used documents for terminal equipment registration.
Method of connection to the network
List of connectors used to connect to the telecom network.
Network Interfaces
List of terminal network interfaces.
Equipment categories
List of terminal equipment categories.
Telecommunication apparatus register (TAR)
Information about the Telecommunication apparatus register (TAR).
Compliance Information
How to determine if my equipment is Category I, Category II, Terminal equipment or a combination thereof.