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As the single largest purchaser of Canadian goods and services, the Government of Canada supports the growth of Canadian clean tech innovators and entrepreneurs. The Clean Growth Hub can help recommend relevant procurement programs and services for clean tech companies looking to sell to government.

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Services and tools

Procurement Assistance Canada

Provides support to help smaller and diverse businesses better understand how the Government of Canada buys goods and services, and how to navigate the process to find opportunities. Procurement Assistance Canada provides resources including guides and information sessions (see below) as well as one-on-one assistance if you need more help.

Procurement Assistance Canada – Service Guide

Need help navigating the procurement process but not sure where to start? This service guide provides information to help get you started.

Procurement Assistance Canada – Information Seminars

Attend webinars about finding and bidding on opportunities, becoming a federal government supplier, engaging with industry, Q&A sessions, myth busting and more!


A new suite of online procurement services that streamlines Government of Canada procurement processes. CanadaBuys is the official source for tender and award notices for the Government of Canada and the broader Canadian public sector. It replaces the tendering services on the Buyandsell site. This means you can now search for and bid on tender opportunities posted on CanadaBuys.

Indigenous Business Directory

An online directory that allows procurement officers and the private sector to identify Indigenous businesses. Having a business profile in this public directory will increase your visibility and may provide additional opportunities.

Global Bid Opportunity Finder

A free web application from the Canadian Commercial Corporation to help Canadian businesses find bid opportunities from around the world. This easy-to-use tool aggregates business opportunities from over 30 government procurement sources in 200 jurisdictions so you can discover new tender requests from foreign federal, state and municipal governments.

Procurement programs

Innovative Solutions Canada

An innovation procurement program designed to support Canadian small businesses. The 20 participating federal departments and agencies will issue challenges designed to seek novel solutions and not commercially available products or services. The challenges issued by federal departments and agencies will be designed around desired outcomes rather than known products or process specifications. Companies can apply to specific calls for proposals or challenges which are posted on the webpage. Open opportunities related to clean tech will be posted on this page under current procurement opportunities.

Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS)

Provides funding to help solve a challenge faced by the Canadian Armed Forces. The program can also provide feedback on a technology from military experts and build your network. Open opportunities related to clean tech will be posted on this page under current procurement opportunities.

Canadian Commercial Corporation

Canada's government to government contracting organization, connecting Canadian expertise with buyers in government markets around the world. The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) offers international contracting expertise to forge commercial contracts between Canadian businesses and foreign governments, operating at the crossroads of commerce and international relations and enabling Canadians to compete successfully in complex and highly competitive government procurement markets. The agency positions qualified Canadian exporters to win international contracts with governments abroad while significantly reducing the risks associated with foreign procurement.

Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative

An initiative to modernize procurement tools and practices. Through this initiative, provincial and territorial governments, as well as Municipalities, Academic Institutions, Schools and Hospitals (MASH) sector and other entities, can use federal procurement tools to: meet their buying needs; reduce costs; generate administrative efficiencies; and obtain better value.

Current procurement opportunities

Federal Procurement Clean Tech Tenders (Updated Quarterly)
Opportunity Type Description Status
Environment and Climate Change Canada Procurements related to the TBS GHG Disclosure Standard Request for Information (RFI)

ECCC is launching this RFI to engage with and inform stakeholders of its intention to require procurement suppliers to adhere to the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat's (TBS) Standard on the Disclosure of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Setting of Reduction Targets(GHG Disclosure Standard) for ECCC procurement contracts below $25 million where ECCC has financial delegation.

The objectives of this RFI are to:

  • Request detailed information and feedback from suppliers.
  • Determine the capability of suppliers to satisfy a future requirement to adhere to the GHG Disclosure Standard for ECCC procurement services contracts of $100,000 to $3.75 million, including applicable taxes.
  • Determine the capability of suppliers to satisfy a future requirement to adhere to the GHG Disclosure Standard for ECCC procurement goods contracts of $25,000 to $750,000, including applicable taxes.
  • Allow stakeholders to comment on a potential path forward.
Deadline to submit: July 26, 2024

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