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There are a wide and quickly expanding range of sources for further information on the subject of corporate social responsibility and related concepts such as corporate sustainability, corporate accountability, corporate citizenship, corporate sustainable development, corporate stewardship, etc. Some of these are very broad based and others are relatively focussed. There are many effective search engines that are capable of ferreting out information necessary to enhance a business perspective on the subject. Nonetheless, the following is a list (presented in three categories) of some more salient sources and links that can be used to provide further information on CSR :

Doing Business the Canadian Way: A Strategy to Advance Corporate Social Responsibility in Canada’s Extractive Sector Abroad

Canada’s enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy, Doing Business the Canadian Way: Advancing Corporate Social Responsibility in Canada’s Extractive Sector Abroad builds on experience and best practices gained since the 2009 launch of Canada’s first CSR strategy, Building the Canadian Advantage: A Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy for the Canadian Extractive Sector Abroad.

The enhanced Strategy, announced on November 14, 2014, clearly demonstrates the Government of Canada’s expectation that Canadian companies will promote Canadian values and operate abroad with the highest ethical standards. It also outlines the Government’s initiatives to help Canadian companies strengthen their CSR practices and maximize  the benefits their investments can provide to those in host countries.

Sustainable consumption and production

Environment and Business: Canada Business Services for Entrepreneurs

Canadian Business and Biodiversity Council

Recent CSR Studies Supported by Industry Canada

  • CSR : An Implementation Guide for Business
    Adapted from " CSR : An Implementation Guide for Canadian Businesses", the IISD has produced a guide for international businesses. This guide provides an overview of the basic steps to and instruments for implementing a CSR strategy adapted specifically to your business or organizational context.
  • Stratos Sustainability Integration Report - 2007
    Industry Canada sponsored a study by Stratos looking at the integration of sustainability into business processes. While many companies are struggling with how to better integrate sustainability into their business, a number of global and Canadian companies are well along the learning curve. This study looks inside a sample of these leading companies, to assess how they are integrating sustainability into their business processes. The results of this study demonstrate the range of processes and tools which can be used or adapted by other companies interested in further integration—at the corporate, divisional and operational levels. IC would like to thank Bell Canada, HP, Rio Tinto, Royal-Dutch Shell, Suncor, Vancity and Vodafone for participating in this study.



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