Creating a cooperative

You can create a cooperative under the Canada Cooperatives Act (Coop Act) by filing an application with Corporations Canada. The information below will assist you in preparing your application.


The information provided here is to assist you in incorporating your cooperative quickly and accurately. It is not intended to replace legal advice. Consider consulting a lawyer or another professional advisor to ensure that the specific needs of your cooperative are met.

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Cooperative principles

A cooperative is a body corporate that adheres to the cooperative principles. For more information, see What is a Co-operative?

Documents that must be filed to incorporate a cooperative

To incorporate a cooperative, you must file an application that includes:  

  1. a cover letter including contact information for the person filing the application. In this letter, clearly indicate whether or not your cooperative is a non-profit housing cooperative or a worker cooperative
  2. a completed and signed copy of Form 3001 - Articles of Incorporation (PDF Version, 120 KB) (see instructions to complete form)
  3. a completed and signed copy of Form 3002 – Initial Registered Office Address and First Board of Directors (PDF Version, 1,124 KB) (see instructions to complete form)
  4. A Nuans name search report  for the proposed name that is not more than 90 days old. If your name has been pre-approved by Corporations Canada, attach a copy of the Corporations Canada letter approving your name along with the copy of the Nuans name search report.
  5. the filing fee (see Services, fees and processing times).

Cooperative applications must be filed by email or mail (see How to file and pay for an application).

Language of the articles

The articles can be in the official language of your choice. This means they may be:

  • in a format that uses either official language (in French or in English), or
  • in a format that employs both English and French.

Effective date of the certificate

The certificate’s effective date is the date on which Corporations Canada receives your complete application or any later date you requested.

Problem with your application

If there is a problem with your application, Corporations Canada returns it with a letter that explains the steps you need to take to fix the problem.