Everything you need to create and operate a cooperative.

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Incorporate your cooperative

Create a cooperative

Create a cooperative under the Canada Cooperatives Act by filing an application with Corporations Canada.

Name a cooperative

There are important things to keep in mind when naming your federal cooperative. Consult this guide to learn more.

Steps after submitting your application

Learn about our application process and what you can do after your filing.

Find out more about our services, fees and processing times.

Maintain your cooperative

Reporting obligations

Learn about your reporting obligations under the Canada Cooperatives Act and how to keep your cooperative in good standing.

Annual return

Federal corporations must file an annual return with Corporations Canada every year.

Order copies of corporate documents

Copies of corporate documents are often needed by financial institutions to open a bank account.

File and pay for an application

Find out how to file and pay for your cooperative application.

Get a certificate of existence or a certificate of compliance

These certificates are often needed to support loan requests or to provide assurance to potential suppliers or buyers.

Cooperative forms

Find forms that you may need for your cooperative.

Make changes to your cooperative

Amalgamate cooperatives

A guide on how to merge 2 or more cooperatives and carry on as one.

Amend the articles of a cooperative

Amend the articles of a cooperative under the Canada Cooperatives Act by filing an application.

Close your cooperative

Guide on dissolving a cooperative

Follow these steps to prepare a request to dissolve a cooperative.

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