Filing of annual returns – Cooperatives

Policy statement

This policy outlines the position of the Director appointed under the Canada Cooperatives Act ( Coop Act ) with respect to certain provisions pertaining to the filing of a cooperative's Annual Return and is designed to assist cooperatives in filing their Annual Return. It does not in any way expand the powers of the Director, the cooperative or its members or creditors, beyond those powers that are conferred under the Coop Act .


You are providing information required by the Coop Act . Note that both the Coop Act and the Privacy Act allow this information to be disclosed to the public. It will be stored in personal information bank number IC/PPU-049.

This policy summarizes requirements under the Coop Act and the regulations. If there is a conflict, the provisions in the Coop Act and the regulations prevail. As with all statutes, the courts are responsible for the final interpretation of the Coop Act and its related provisions.

Table of contents

Coop Act requirements

Section 374 of the Coop Act stipulates that every cooperative must send to the Director an annual return in the form, and on the date, that the Director fixes. Form 3022 - Annual Return ( PDF Version, 638  KB , 2 pages) is the form fixed by the Director for sending the annual return. This form provides up-to-date information about your cooperative. It allows Corporations Canada to ensure that the cooperative complies with certain requirements of the Coop Act . Investors, consumers, financial institutions and many others also rely on this information. The Director may dissolve a cooperative that fails to file its Annual Return.

Deadline for filing Form 3022 - Annual return

Form 3022 - Annual Return must be sent to the Director within the 60 days following a cooperative's anniversary date. Unlike the CBCA the date is fixed by the Director. The anniversary date is the date the cooperative was created or the date the corporation first came under Coop Act (e.g., the date of incorporation, continuance or amalgamation). The date is generally found at the bottom, right-hand corner of the cooperative's Certificate of Incorporation, Amalgamation or Continuance. You can also find it using the Corporations Canada online database.

The information on Form 3022 - Annual Return must reflect the cooperative's situation on the anniversary date.

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