Instructions to complete Form 3004 – Articles of Amendment

You are providing information required by the Canada Cooperatives Act (Coop Act). Note that both the Coop Act and the Privacy Act allow this information to be disclosed to the public. It will be stored in personal information bank number IC/PPU-049.


The information provided here is to assist you in completing the application for amendment quickly and accurately. It is not intended to replace legal advice. Consider consulting a lawyer or another professional advisor to ensure that the specific needs of your cooperative are met.

Item 1: Name of the cooperative

Indicate the actual name of the cooperative. You can verify the exact name of the cooperative in its articles and in Search for a Federal Corporation.

Item 2: Corporative number

Indicate the corporative number. You can verify the corporative number on your certificate of incorporation, amalgamation or continuance and in Search for a Federal Corporation.

Item 3: The articles of the cooperative are amended as follows:

Use this section to change any provision in the articles. For example:

  • the name of the cooperative;
  • the municipality and province in Canada where the registered office is situated;
  • the minimum and maximum numbers of directors;
  • the restrictions on the business that the cooperative may carry on;
  • the restrictions on the classes of membership in the cooperative;
  • the membership share capital and member rights;
  • the provisions for a maximum rate of return to be paid on member loans or membership shares;
  • the provisions for the distributing of the property of the cooperative on its dissolution;  
  • the investment share capital, the restrictions on the powers of directors to manage the business of the cooperative other than by unanimous agreement; or
  • any other provisions.

Clearly indicate whether the amendment is to add, remove, replace or change a provision in the existing articles and identify the sections, paragraphs or sub-paragraphs you are amending.

If the space available is insufficient, attach a schedule.

Consult the instructions for Form 3001 – Articles of Incorporation to know what your articles can contain.


Item 4 – Declaration

The printed statements on the form are part of the articles; they cannot be changed.

Form 3004 – Articles of Amendment must be signed by a director or an authorized officer of the cooperative. Print the name of the signatory.