Economic Strategy Tables

The Economic Strategy Tables are a new model for collaboration between industry and government, focused on turning Canadian economic strengths into global advantages. The Tables are chaired by industry leaders in six key sectors: advanced manufacturing, agri-food, clean technology, digital industries, health/bio-sciences and resources of the future.

Through the Economic Strategy Tables, 90 CEOs and federal Deputy Ministers gathered in 34 meetings across Canada from October 2017 through July 2018, resulting in an ambitious plan for innovation-led long term growth for the Canadian economy. The recommendations are captured in their September 2018 report.

Since then, the Government has acted on many of their recommendations, including:

Economic Strategy Tables Timeline

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Economic Strategy Tables Timeline
Date Economic Strategy Table Timeline

October 2017

The Economic Strategy Tables began a diagnostic review of Canada’s 6 high growth sectors; Advanced Manufacturing, Agri-Food, Clean Technology, Digital Industries, Health/Bio-Science, and Resources of the Future. The diagnostics were prepared for the Tables to use as a foundation for their discussions on barriers facing their sector, and the strategic imperatives which would have to be in place for the sector to thrive.

February 2018

Interim Reports for each growth sector were released. The reports provided a snapshot of the sector at the time and ambitious targets for each sectors to work towards.

April 2018

Tables convened at an All Tables Interactive Workshop. Building on analysis by McKinsey, Table Members agreed on common horizontal themes and potential signature initiatives.

June 2018

Table Members and Chairs participated in “Pitch-Days” – where they presented their proposals to select groups of industry peers to solicit feedback and validate the proposals.

September 2018

The Final Reports were released. Over the next months, Table Members and Chairs continued engaging with associations and stakeholders at events across Canada.

November 2018

The Fall Economic Statement was released. It included a paragraph spotlighting the Economic Strategy Tables, and translated recommendations on tax competitiveness, regulatory reform and export support into concrete policy announcements.

March 2019

Budget 2019 was released. The Budget reinforced support for the Tables, announced the new Visitor Economy Economic Strategy Table and implemented initiatives on national digital infrastructure, support for indigenous learning and entrepreneurs, and support for lifelong learning aligned with the Tables’ recommendations.

December 2019

The Economic Strategy Tables receive a renewed mandate to support Canada’s traditionally strong industries to increase productivity and innovation, as we transition to a low-carbon economy.

What we heard

Many views helped to shape the recommendations CEOs made in their reports.
Read the What we heard report to find out more.