Guidelines for Pooling

The Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) Policy’s Pooling feature provides obligors with the flexibility to divide a single large ITB transaction and apply portions of this transaction to multiple projects.

Eligibility Conditions

In order to be eligible for pooling, the proposed transaction must meet the following conditions:

  • It must have a Canadian Content Value of no less than $50 million
  • It must be identified for pooling at the time of submission to the ITB Branch at the email address provided below.

How to submit a pooled transaction:

  • A Contractor will submit its proposed pooling transaction using the standard transaction sheet template available on the ITB website.
  • The Contractor will clearly identify to which projects the pooled transaction is to be applied.
  • The transaction will be reviewed against the ITB terms and conditions and to ensure it is eligible for pooling. If deemed eligible, the Contractor will then be required to submit separate transaction sheets for each project that will receive a portion of the pooled transaction.
  • The commitment value assigned to each separate transaction sheet is at the Contractor's discretion, but Contractors will be required to adhere to that value going forward. The combined value of the separate transaction sheets will be no greater than the total value originally submitted.

How to report on pooled transactions:

  • Pooled transactions are subject to the standard annual reporting and verification activities. Contractors will report on the pooled transaction(s) through the projects to which they are allocated.

How to bank a pooled transaction:

  • Contractors may apply to bank a pooled transaction or a portion of it upon its acceptance.
  • All of the terms and conditions associated with the banking feature will apply to pooled transactions.

How to include a pooled transaction in a Value Proposition:

  • Bidders may include pooled transaction that has been banked in their Value Proposition proposal.
  • As with all banked activities, acceptance of a transaction or any pooled portion thereof into the bank does not in any way signal or guarantee Value Proposition points.

Contact the ITB pooling authority: