Innovation for a better Canada

Industry Strategy Council

The Industry Strategy Council has been created to provide advice and insight on the scope and depth of COVID-19's impact on industries and inform government's understanding of specific sectoral pressures. The Council offers a chance to build on Canada's strong partnerships between government and industry, notably the Economic Strategy Tables, to support Canadians and their jobs.

Find out more about the Council, and how we are planning for Canadians' economic wellbeing.

Canada's Innovation and Skills Plan

Announced in Budget 2017, the Innovation and Skills Plan is an ambitious effort to make Canada a world-leading centre for innovation, to create well-paying jobs and to help strengthen and grow the middle class. The Plan supports Canadians and the entire innovation continuum. It will help establish Canada as one of the most innovative countries in the world and foster a culture of innovation from coast to coast to coast.

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Building a nation of innovators

It's time for our country to prosper from the hard work and ingenuity of Canadians. Canada's Innovation and Skills Plan is the plan to get there.

Supporting innovation

Tracking progress and results

How innovation is translating into jobs, business opportunities and higher living standards for Canadians.

Innovation and Skills Plan: What We Heard Report

A plan to address today's challenges and opportunities and ensure our future success.

The A to Z of innovation

We are building a better Canada so that everyone has the jobs, skills and learning to solve global challenges and strengthen communities. An innovative and prosperous Canada for you, for your children and for all of us—that's innovation for a better Canada.

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