Technical training videos

Videos on legal metrology, inspections, and reporting

  • Fair Measure For All
  • The Science of Metrology
  • Language of Metrology
  • Metrological Principles
  • Getting Ready
  • Preparing to Inspect
  • Professional Inspection
  • Professional Note Taking
  • Trader Relationships
  • Relationships from the Trader's Point of View
  • Standard Test Procedures
  • Measurement Canada - Online Reporting Application

Videos on training and evaluation of authorized service providers (ASPs)

  • ASP Training: The Basics
  • Practical Evaluations - How-to-Guide

Videos on mass related topics

  • Retail Computing Scales - STP
  • Platform Scales - Standard Test Procedures
  • Vehicle Scales STP

Videos on volume related topics

  • Volumetric Standards
  • Retail Petroleum Dispensers with ATC - STP
  • Truck-Mounted Petroleum Metering Assembly

Videos on electricity related topics

  • Electricity Metering Installations
  • Installation Verification of Multiple Customer Metering Systems
  • Electricity Console Calibration
  • Electrical Safety

Videos on natural gas related topics

  • Gas Measuring Apparatus Certification
  • Gas Safety

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