Information for home buyers or renters

When buying or renting a home there are many things to consider. From insurance to renovations, you'll find reliable information and tools to help you make all the right moves!

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How to choose, finance, maintain and improve the place you call home, as well as resources to address housing affordability and housing supply.

Home inspections

Hiring a home inspector and what to expect from your home inspection.

Moving advice

Choosing a mover and planning your move.

Home insurance

Find out how property insurance may cover damage to, or loss of, your home. It may also protect against damage, theft or loss of personal belongings in your home or property.

Home renovations

Plan your home renovation projects.

Landlord and tenant relations

Resolving rental issues with your landlord.

Energy and utilities

Choosing and budgeting for the purchase of energy-efficient products, transportation or homes.

Trusted consumer information

Published by the Consumer Measures Committee, a working group of federal, provincial and territorial governments, that helps educate and inform Canadian consumers.