Buying and leasing big-ticket items

Owning or renting a home

Home inspections
Hiring a home inspector and what to expect from your home inspection.

Buying a home
Making sound home buying choices.

Moving advice
Choosing a mover and planning your move.

Home renovations
Plan your home renovation projects.

Renting a home
Explore the home rental process.

Landlord and tenant relations
Resolving rental issues with your landlord.

Energy and utilities
Choosing and budgeting for the purchase of energy-efficient products, transportation or homes.

Owning or leasing a vehicle

Buying or leasing a vehicle
Buying a new or used vehicle.

Recourse for vehicle defects
Reporting a defective new or used vehicle.

Car sharing
Using car-sharing services.

Buying travel services and timeshares

Buying travel services online, checking travel insurance needs and making air travel complaints.

Travel agencies
Choosing a travel agency and finding licenced travel agents.

Buying and selling timeshares.