Video: Recognize and report spam

Learn what you can do to reduce unwanted messages and report the spam that still ends up in your inbox or text threads.

Transcription – Recognize and report spam

[A mobile phone animates on screen. Email message icon appears on the phone screen with a number indicating the volume of email messages coming in.]

Narrator: Is your inbox getting flooded with unsolicited emails?

[Text "THAT'S SPAM" animates on screen]

Narrator: That's spam!

[The screen on the phone transitions and random text spam messages pop up from unknown numbers. Text on screen: Click here now! Claim your prize! Limited offer!]

Narrator: Or, are you receiving text messages from unknown phone numbers?

[Text "THAT'S SPAM" animates on screen]

Narrator: That's spam!

[A series of four informatics images appear onscreen]

Narrator: Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation, or CASL, is here to protect you from all forms of spam.

[Text animates on screen: Is it SPAM?]

Narrator: How can you tell if something is spam?

[Smartphone receiving text messages with scare tactics and asking for money. Text on screen: You owe money, pay now or police will be alerted!]

Narrator: it uses scare tactics, it asks for money

[A blue icon bar appears showing three animated icons and text: Unknown sender, asks for personal info, too good to be true.]

Narrator: You don't know the sender, you're being asked for sensitive or personal information or it seems too good to be true.

[Text "THAT'S SPAM" animates on screen]

Narrator: That's spam!

[The blue icon/text bar slides away]

Narrator: Even businesses you know can send you spam

[A web page opens on a computer screen. The website shows a "subscribe checkbox" that says: I subscribe to emails]

Narrator: So check if…

[Subscribe checkbox gets checked]

Narrator: You've consented to their emails

[Computer screen shows email inbox with an email message selected. Email is circled to highlight that the sender has identified themselves. Text on screen: Company X]

Narrator: They've identified themselves

[Unsubscribe link is selected. Text on screen: To unsubscribe, please click here]

Narrator: And they've included an unsubscribe mechanism.

[Pop-up messages appear on mobile phone along with a flashing caution icon. User swipes the pop-up message away]

Narrator: If spam has landed in your inbox, don't reply to it.

[A file attachment animates on the phone screen then the user swipes the attachment away. On-screen text: Do not open attachments or links from unknown senders.]

Narrator: Don't open any attached files.

[Mobile phone screen appears with text: Click to claim a prize!, which the user swipes away towards left.]

Narrator: And don't click any buttons to open web pages

[Email pops up on a computer monitor. User scrolls to the bottom of the email, circle appears to indicate there is NO unsubscribe link]

Narrator: Do look for an unsubscribe mechanism.

[Web page opens to Report spam. Checkmark appears on screen and selects "I agree"]

Narrator: And if there isn't one, then report it to the Spam Reporting Centre.

[A series of four informatics images appear onscreen. Text above "Canada's anti-spam legislation" text below ""]

Narrator: Learn more and report spam at

[Canada wordmark appears]