2023-25 Research project summaries: Contributions Program for Non-profit Consumer and Voluntary Organizations

Automobile Consumer Coalition

208-1110 Wilson Avenue
Toronto ON M3M 1G7
Telephone: 416-651-6465

The Automobile shortage and its impact: An affordability crisis for consumers?

Awarded amount: $178,100

The Automobile Consumer Coalition will investigate the impact of inflated vehicle prices at automobile dealerships across Canada. The project will explore the severity of the automobile affordability crisis and changes which may be made to protect consumers from potential financial harm.

Consumers' Association of Canada (Manitoba)

21-222 Osborne Street South
Winnipeg MB R3L 1Z3
Telephone: 204-284-1876

Housing discrimination and contemporary financial pressure on vulnerable consumers

Awarded amount: $189,500

The Manitoba branch of the Consumers Association of Canada (CAC Manitoba) will research the realities and impact of discrimination on low-income and vulnerable consumers in the housing market. CAC Manitoba will explore the barriers to access that may be perpetuated based on race, sex, gender, language, disability, and income, as well as both family and social status.

Consumers Council of Canada

201-1920 Yonge Street
Toronto ON M4S 3E2
Telephone: 416-483-2696

Homeowner awareness and willingness to address climate change risk

Awarded amount: $158,355

The Consumers Council of Canada will explore homeowners' attitudes and understanding of climate change, the potential risks to their homes as a result of weather extremes and recognized solutions for mitigating these risks. The project will catalogue weather-related home damage and outline measures homeowners can adopt to increase the resiliency of their homes and the risk of weather-related damage to their dwelling.

The On-demand consumer update (Research refresher)

Awarded amount: $50,000

The Consumers Council of Canada will update the research project funded in 2019-21 titled "The On-Demand Consumer". By relaunching the national web survey portion of the previous research in this post-pandemic marketplace, this refresher will provide a "compare-and-contrast" analytical report which will reflect current consumer views.

Consumer perspectives on the effectiveness of regulatory 'Name and Shame'

Awarded amount: $151,000

The Consumers Council of Canada will research and report on "name and shame" as an enforcement tool. The project will include a review of the academic research, current practices and consumer views regarding the effectiveness of the tool in changing business practices when there is non-compliancy and/or transgressions that impact consumers.


340-50 Sainte-Catherine Street West
Montreal QC H2X 3V4
Telephone: 514-522-2000

Promoting repairability and durability as a purchase criteria for electronics and appliances for Canadians

Awarded amount: $135,000

Équiterre will assess the applicability in Canada of a repairability and durability index criteria in order to inform consumers' choices when purchasing Household Electronic Appliances as it pertains to encouraging the consumption and production of repairable and durable goods.

Framing the advertisement of polluting products: The case of electronics and appliances

Awarded amount: $200,000

Équiterre will explore the impact of advertising on consumption choices, specifically the marketing tactics used for Household Electronic Appliances (HEA) as consumers are encouraged to replace their HEAs frequently resulting in over-consumption and indebtedness.

Fashion Takes Action

Canadian consumer attitudes and behaviour toward sustainable fashion, and how greenwashing impacts purchasing decisions.

Awarded amount: $174,850

Fashion Takes Action will research Canadians' attitudes and behaviours toward sustainable fashion, and their understanding of greenwashing, in order to better understand what consumers know, think and do with respect to fashion and sustainability. The results of the research will help inform industry, motivate brands to back up sustainability claims and address the need for new policies to support industry transparency and accountability.

Option consommateurs

440-50 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
Montreal QC H2X 3V4
Telephone: 514-598-7288

The consequences of the labour shortage on the protection of consumer rights and the quality of customer service

Awarded amount: $199,650

Option consommateurs (OC) will examine the issues and consequences of labour shortages from a consumer perspective. The research will identify business reactions, the decisions made with respect to consumers, new practices, as well as the measures put in place to respond to labour shortages. OC will also analyze the effectiveness of the legislative framework applicable to consumer law.

Good, very good or excellent? Consumers and tipping in Canada

Awarded amount: $199,769

Option consommateurs' research seeks to provide an overview of the impacts tied to new tipping practices that have emerged since the COVID-19 pandemic and identify the most equitable solutions for Canadians.

"Finfluencers" or finance influencers: between suggestion and advice—what protection exists for consumers?

Awarded amount: $200,000

Option consommateurs will examine social media finance influencers, or "finfluencers", and their impact on consumers. This, the fastest growing category of influencers on social media, grew by 30% during the pandemic. People between the ages of 18 and 35 are the most highly targeted group by "finfluencers", leaving many vulnerable to fraudsters and those unqualified to offer financial advice. This research will also examine the mechanisms of this emerging trend along with associated regulatory and legal issues.

Public Interest Advocacy Centre

285 McLeod St Suite 200
Ottawa, ON K2P 1A1
Telephone: 613-562-4002

Brokering a new era of consumer education on customs duties and customs brokers

Awarded amount: $135,000

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) will examine the customs regime in Canada and its impact on consumers, including the customs legal framework and the state of the customs brokers industry. PIAC will also examine whether, and how, the level of consumer awareness regarding the role of customs brokers could be improved, especially in the context of online purchases.

Social Planning and Research Council of British Columbia

4445 Norfolk Street
Burnaby, BC V5G 0A7
Telephone: 604-718-7744

Consumer vulnerability in an era of pandemic, inflation, and recession (2020-2025): A Cross-Canada review and prospective examination of risk, resilience and support opportunities

Awarded amount: $199,874

The Social Planning and Research Council of British Columbia will investigate vulnerable consumers in Canada, taking into account the impacts and factors related to the COVID-19 pandemic, current and ongoing inflation and the prospect of economic recession (2020-2025). This study is expected to generate reviews, recollections and prospective data on the population and regional diversities of consumer vulnerability, resiliencies and adaptations, as well as support opportunities across the provinces and territories.

Union des consommateurs

201-7000 Parc Avenue
Montréal QC H3N 1X1
Telephone: 514-521-6820

Risk of skidding: What is the impact of connected cars on consumers?

Awarded amount: $194,975

Union des consommateurs will examine the impacts that new internet technologies in vehicles (ex. unlocking, starting, sending and receiving navigation data and cellphone integration) will have on consumers with a focus on issues including privacy rights and the right to repair.

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