Budgeting template

Download the interactive budgeting template

Budgeting template

Add your personal budget information to the template as you go through the module. Hover over each item in the budgeting template to view a short description of the item.

For the purpose of this module and the budgeting template, your budget period will cover one month.

You will take your completed budgeting template to your in-person counselling session. When you meet with your counsellor you will work together to make sure your budget fits your needs.

The first section of the budgeting template is divided into three main categories:

  • income (money coming in);
  • expenses (money going out); and,
  • savings (money set aside for later use).

The second section of the budgeting template provides a summary of your information from the first section. This summary will help you succeed throughout the budgeting cycle.

Budgeting template: balancing your budget

An image of the balancing your budget table from the budgeting template

The diagram is a screenshot of the “Balancing Your Budget” table within the budgeting template.

Within the cell that says ‘Every Month’, there is a small grey drop-down button to the right of the words ‘Every Month’. This cell is meant to be selected by the user.

Within the four cells that contains ‘$0’, this amount is automatically calculated for the user based on the information that user enters within their budgeting template.

Within the cell that says ‘Congratulations! Your budget is balanced within 5%!’ this wording will change based on the user’s information, as this statement is dependent on the numbers that the user enters into their budgeting template.

Balancing your budget

Make adjustments to your income, savings, and expenses so that your budget is balanced

Period (click to change): Every month Congratulations! Your budget is balanced within 5%!
Total income $0
Total savings $0
Total expenses (including money you need to save to pay for expenses that do not occur monthly) $0
Difference $0

You can fill out the budgeting template electronically and email it to your counsellor. Or, if you prefer, you can print it and bring it with you to your in-person session. Either way, the counsellor will need to see your budget for discussion purposes at your next in-person session.

There are many different ways to create a budget and everyone is different. This budgeting template is just one of many available options. For the purposes of this module, please use the budgeting template provided. If you decide that the budgeting template does not work for you, do not give up or get discouraged! Instead, use this activity as a learning experience and then after completing the module, you can look for a different budgeting method that works better for you. You can discuss different options with your counsellor.

image of debtor with counsellor

Bring your completed budgeting template to your in-person counselling session to discuss and review with your counsellor.