Map of Exclusion Zones and Protection Zones (SRSP-520)

July 2023

This map is for the purposes of the SRSP-520, Technical Requirements for Fixed and/or Mobile Systems, Including Flexible Use Broadband Systems, in the Band 3450-3900 MHz.



  • Exclusion zone
    Low-power protection zone
    Mid-power protection zone
    Higher-power protection zone


Note 1: The following .zip file contains geographic information system (GIS) mapping files representing the 3500 MHz and 3800 MHz exclusion and protection zones in both Keyhole Markup Language (KML) and MapInfo (tab) format. Each mapping layer encapsulates an exclusion or protection zone (i.e. low-power, mid-power, higher-power) for a specific runway. The layers contain information on the Tier 4 service area in which the zone is located (ServiceArea_NomdeService), runway’s airport name (Airport_Aéroport), runway number (RWYNumber_NuméroDePiste), height of the runway threshold above mean sea level (RWY_Elevation_Élévation_Piste_m), runway glide slope type (GlideSlope_AlignmentDescente), and, if applicable, the protection zone identifier (ProtectionZone_ZoneDeProtection). In addition, the .zip file contains tables in Excel comma-separated value (CSV) format listing the aforementioned layer information in tabular format.

Note 2: The list of exclusion zones and protection zones may be amended from time to time.

Note 3: The exclusion zone identifier and protection zone identifiers for Vancouver International Airport have been corrected.