About the Strategic Innovation Fund

SIF covers all sectors of the economy and is available to for-profit and not-for-profit organizations with the goal of supporting the Canadian innovation network.

Project types

SIF provides funding for 2 categories of projects, each with their own set of requirements:

Business Innovation and Growth projects

Business Innovation and Growth projects led by individual companies seeking funding to support their business.

Collaborations and Networks projects

Collaborations and Networks projects led by companies or non-profit organizations seeking funding to support their innovation network.

Program details

Objectives and background

The goals and history of SIF.

Application and funding process

A breakdown of the steps within the SIF funding process: consultations, statement of interest, full application and reporting.

Funding amounts and conditions

SIF contribution amounts, repayment conditions, and other government assistance.

Project costs

Project-related cost that are eligible or ineligible for support by SIF.


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