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Making sure that Canada is a top destination for businesses to invest, grow and create jobs and prosperity for Canadians is one of the Government's top priorities. The Strategic Innovation Fund's (SIF) objective is to spur innovation for a better Canada by providing funding for large projects and national innovation ecosystems.

About the program

Learn more about the program, its objectives and how it benefits Canada.

Current investment priorities

Learn more about SIF's current investment priorities.

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How to apply

  1. Check your eligibility by completing the SIF self-screening questionnaire.

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  2. If your project meets the SIF eligibility requirements, you will be given the opportunity to complete a Statement of Interest or to consult with us.
  3. Once you apply, your project will be assessed for consideration. A Strategic Innovation Fund officer will be in contact to update you on the status of your application.

Eligible projects are not guaranteed to receive an investment from SIF.

SIF is currently focusing on innovative projects that meet the SIF eligibility requirements and directly support one of our current investment priority areas.

Streams of activities

Business Innovation and Growth
(Stream 1–3)

Investments towards R&D and commercialization, the growth and expansion of firms and the attraction and retention of large scale investments in Canada.

Learn more about eligibility requirements for Business Innovation and Growth.

Collaborations and Networks
(Stream 4 & 5)

Investments to foster national innovation ecosystems and support industrial research, development, technology demonstration and commercialization through collaboration between academia, non-profit organizations and the private sector.

Learn more about eligibility requirements for Collaborations and Networks.

Current investment priorities

SIF supports a wide range of large-scale, transformative and collaborative projects across all sectors of the economy.

Innovative projects that meet the SIF eligibility requirements and directly support one of the priority areas, may be prioritized for assessment ahead of other initiatives.

The Fall Economic Statement and Budget 2021 outlined a number of specific investment priorities, including:

Net Zero Accelerator

Funding for projects that:

  • decarbonize domestic large emitters in support of Canada's 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets and its 2050 net zero emissions goal
  • transform Canadian industry for the future net-zero economy by adopting or commercializing new low- or zero-carbon intensity products, processes, or methods of production
  • develop a Canadian battery ecosystem and other emerging clean technologies with market potential, to capitalize on net-zero opportunities and enable decarbonization

Learn more: Net Zero Accelerator Initiative

Biomanufacturing and Life Sciences

Funding for projects that:

  • build domestic resilience and improve long-term pandemic preparedness by filling critical gaps in biomanufacturing and supply chains as well as in the development of vaccines and therapeutics
  • support innovative firms that are well-positioned for growth in the life-sciences sector
  • are co-funded by proponents or others entities

Learn more: Biomanufacturing: Advancing life sciences industry in Canada

Intellectual Property (IP)

Funding for projects with a formally-protected IP that:

  • have a strong R&D capacity or resources to develop new technologies and unique inventions
  • will build a strong IP portfolio or broaden the scope of an already strong IP portfolio
  • can commercialize the IP portfolio in Canada with strong public benefits

Learn more: Intellectual property and copyright


Funding for projects that:

  • support growth and recovery by anchoring production mandates and jobs in Canada
  • support industrial transformation that will grow Canada's global leadership position in sustainable aviation
  • develop innovative technologies, adopt advanced manufacturing processes and disruptive technologies across the supply chain to improve competitiveness

Learn more: Canadian aerospace and defence industry


Funding projects that:

  • build on existing R&D and manufacturing strengths
  • contribute to a national network and supply chain
  • position Canada as a critical global supplier of specialized semiconductors

Learn more: The Semiconductor Challenge Callout is closed. The Government of Canada thanks all participants for their submissions to the callout.

Other priority areas

Funding for projects that promote innovation with research, development and technology adoption or adaptation, from all sectors of the economy including:

  • Agri-food
  • Automotive
  • Natural resources

Learn more: About the program

Funded projects

Newest projects

Funded projects

A list of all projects by recipient with a description of the SIF contribution.

Biomanufacturing: Projects underway

Advancing the life sciences industry in Canada


Canada's road to net zero

The government is accelerating the transportation sector's road to net zero and helping build Canada's green economy

Our environment

Take action towards a safer and cleaner environment

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