Investments: Strategic Innovation Fund

The Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) supports a wide range of large-scale, transformative and collaborative projects across all sectors of the economy.

The following data reflects what SIF has achieved between 2017 and today:

projects funded

total SIF funding

total project costs


All projects that have received funding or projects the Government of Canada has announced.

Funding overview

An overview of investments and other data related to funded projects.

Current investment priorities

Areas of investment priorities as outlined in the Government of Canada's annual budget.

Latest investments

The Government of Canada continues to invest in domestic vaccine production – Jubilant HollisterStier

An investment of $23.8 million to support Jubilant HollisterStier's $108.3 million project that will increase their capacity for a variety of vaccines, including mRNA.

Creating and securing good manufacturing jobs in Nova Scotia – Michelin

An investment of $44.3 million to support Michelin's $300 million project that is expected to secure 3,600 good middle class jobs across the company's three plants in Bridgewater, Pictou, and Waterville, Nova Scotia, as well as create dozens more.