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The products are classified according to the International Harmonized System (HS). This product classification covers more than 5000 different products which are described in 96 chapters.

Each chapter (covering a general area, e.g. Chapter 69 - Ceramic products) is further divided into headings and sub headings. Numerical HS codes with 2, 4 and 6 digits are used to describe the various levels of this hierarchical classification.


Note: The terms products, goods, commodities, and merchandise are considered synonymous and are largely used interchangeably although the term “product” is the one employed.



The options are listed below:



Total All products


This will give the total values for imports and exports recorded by customs of all products entering and leaving Canada or the United States.




Search for a product


Users can select one or several products using:

  • Keyword search Enable you to conduct a keyword search applied against the product descriptions as well as a thesaurus of synonyms and related terms.
  • Code search Enable you to conduct a code search applied against the numeric Harmonized System codes.

Once you have made you selection from the keyword search or product search and added your code(s) to the selected products, you have the option of selecting from the Show products button grouped or shown individually




Browse list of products


Enable you to select products by browsing through the list of the Harmonized System chapters.




Top 25 products


The ranking is based on the monetary value of imports and exports for the selected year.

Users can select:

  • Top 25 products HS6 codes
  • Top 25 product groups HS4 codes
  • Top 25 chapters HS2 codes