Trading partner - product

The trading partner is the country or a collection of countries with which the trader does international trade.

The selection area is a reflection of the country classification used by Statistics Canada and the U.S. Census Bureau to tabulate trade statistics.


The country classifications used in "Trade Data Online", which are derived from ones employed by Statistics Canada and the U.S. Census Bureau, are designed for the purposes of economic geography and therefore do not reflect the views or intentions of the Government of Canada or the Government of the United States on international issues of recognition, sovereignty or jurisdiction.


To assist search and display in selection lists, country names appear in short form. For example, the "People's Democratic Republic of Laos" will simply appear as "Laos" for ease of use.

There are minor differences between Canadian and U.S. country classifications, mainly reflecting how a number of smaller states are treated (e.g. whether "Vatican City State" is included with "Italy" or not).

All countries

This shows the total trade with all the countries and territories in the world.

  • All countries (Total) - displays only a one-line total in the report.
  • All countries (Detailed) - displays a detailed list of all the countries with a grand total at the bottom of the report.

Country, regions or U.S. state

  • Country
  • Region
  • U.S. State


Select the country you desire from the list. You can also select several countries at the same time.

In a few cases, some countries are combined by Statistics Canada for reporting purposes.


The regions are:

Users can display the total for the region or create a detailed list of all countries within that region.

U.S. State

Users may select one or several states for their reports.

Top 10 countries

Reports will display a "sub-total" for these ten countries and display (under "Others") the total trade with the countries not in the Top ten. The "total" for all countries appears below. When selecting the top ten countries, the time period options are limited to one year per report.

Distribution by state

This shows the breakdown by state of trade statistics between Canada and the United States.


Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands appear in the listings, even though they do not have the same status as the other 50 states and the District of Colombia (Washington D.C.).


There are a number of other territories in the world associated with the United States, which are all listed in their respective lists.